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Whether you are right about to organize a birthday party for your child, plan your wedding or any other special occasion, Red Truck is the top destination to visit! We know how to bring all your ideas to life, paying special attention to details that matter a lot for any client! Founded in 2001 by the team of 3 enthusiasts, the agency quickly developed into a well-known company with an impressive portfolio of successfully organized events! 


We’ve managed to develop our unique style and approach to the event organization process. The foundation of our success is deep understanding of special client needs and expectations. Together, we will plan and organize a unique event, utilizing creative ideas, offering outstanding concepts and approaches, choosing a place to hold the event, considering each detail and demonstrating high standards of organization. Interested in dealing with us? Get in touch with our experienced team of professionals any time of the day! 

Our Team
Troy Jenkins, Event Manager

troy@redtruck.com | Phone: 1 800 514 1367

Heather Kemals, President and Founder

Heather@redtruck.com | Phone: 1 800 514 1369

Troy is the person responsible for professional event organization, personnel  and actors selection. He knows his business in details and has years of expertise in dealing with small-to-large projects. Troy has worked with lots of clients and he has the firsthand knowledge of how to comply with their special needs to organize the events customers will be satisfied with.

Heather is the founder of the agency, who sees her mission in providing clients with top notch services and professional event organization assistance. Clients say that it is her dedication, creativity and special interpersonal skills that make her a real leader. Heather is a devoted listener and talented president, who is always thoughtful and ready to help.

Helen Minkoff, Top Sales Manager

Helen@redtruck.com | Phone: 1 800 514 1368

Ben Barnhart, Creative Director

Beckie@redtruck.com | Phone: 1 800 514 1365

Helen is a detail-focused person, who has years of experience in event marketing and sales. She has a passion for event organization, interaction with clients and sales management. When you deal with Helen, you get a unique feeling of comfort and understanding, which is a must in this challenging and highly competitive business.

Quality event organization is the result of harmonious and well-planned work of all team members, who are responsible for their own tasks and serve the same goal. Being a creative director for over 10 years, Beckie is always ready to share her knowledge, expertise and ideas with clients to guarantee the top notch result.  She ensures unique experiences, which help the clients bring their special stories to life in a memorable and meaningful way.

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