Hillbilly Games (May 2, 2015) Rocky Mount, Va 

The Hillbilly games are an Olympic style competition. Participants will compete in 8 different events throughout the day. Participants will receive points after each event. After completion of all 8 events points will be tallied. 

Divisions will be broken down into Men’s and Women’s division.

Events will be announce on the website and Facebook and Twitter every couple of weeks leading up to the competition.

Hillbilly games are not only for the participants but just as much fun for spectators as well. Come out and enjoy all of the competitions as well as live entertainment, Horseshoe Tournaments, Corn Hole Tournaments, Great Food,  and much much more! Coolers welcome (NO GLASS).


"Long Jump"

"Long Jump"-Each Hillbilly Olympian will get 3 tries at the long jump and their longest jump will be recorded. The length will be measured from the starting line to where your fingertips end. Oh, did we tell you that this will be in mud?!?! So stretch those arms and reach for the gold!

"Toilet Seat Toss"

"Toilet Seat Toss" Is a game much like Horseshoes. The winner of each game will be awarded 10 point that will be added to their total. At the end of the day the winner with the most points will win the goal!!!!!!

"Barrel Racing"

Barrel will be set up as seen in the photo. Each Olympian must follow this pattern. 

Now usually this is done on a horse. However, we will have wheel barrels that will be filled some different things to make it a little harder. Each Olympian will get 3 tries. Fast time wins! 

"Mud Pit Tug of War"

"Mud Pit Tug of War" 1v1 Tug of War. Fall in the pit and you lose!!

"1000 Meter Obstacle Run"

"1000 Meter Obstacle Run" Is a Sprint to the finish! You have to clear all of the obstacles that will be in your way first.

"Donut Eating"

​Olympians will have to eat 3 donuts the quickest without drinking anything! Points will be awarded to each Olympian in the order that they finish.

"Wine Making"

Get ready for the grapes! Whoever can fill up their wine glass first will be the winner!

"Shooting Range"​

Test your skills with a homemade sling shot that you will need to assemble. Knock over the most cans in the quickest time and you win!


Riverbank Ramblers (https://www.facebook.com/riverbankramblers)

Adam Ritchie Band (facebook.com/AdamRitchieBand)

Tobacco Apache (https://www.facebook.com/TobaccoApache)

Best Dressed Award

​We will have prizes for the best dressed "Hillbilly"! So start looking now for that outfit. Olympian's and observers can win this contest!

               $15.00                           $12.00 (15.00 at the gate)

Hillbilly Games